UXUI – Hawks View Cellars

Branded web design and HTML5 development project in collaboration with [...]

UXUI – Hawks View Cellars2022-02-03T06:39:34+00:00

UXUI Art Director – Tire Factory

Prototype design for Whitehorse's client Tire Factory. Project included Web [...]

UXUI Art Director – Tire Factory2022-02-03T06:22:02+00:00

Digital Creative – ELC Technologies

Digital Designer, Mobile design, App design, Internal Brand Designer, Prototype [...]

Digital Creative – ELC Technologies2022-02-03T06:43:45+00:00

Brand Development – TGate

Trade show modular booth designs for TGate. In collaboration with [...]

Brand Development – TGate2022-02-05T06:14:00+00:00

Logo Design – Spectra Payments

Brand Development for Spectra Payments, a global payment processing solution [...]

Logo Design – Spectra Payments2022-02-04T05:11:00+00:00
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