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Stall Rental Agreement Philippines

Gudam, I would like to ask you for comments and opinions on the resolution of my perpetual problem (land ownership). Our family has lived for so many years, since our ancestors on a 150 m2 .m lot of Rita Legarda, INC. Our grandmother used to pay the real tax on the lot in question, but unfortunately she died. She survived copies of the receipt. The last copy we have is 1970. We are looking for the country warden who has paid a rental fee, and fortunately we found him, and he said that the fate in question had already been attributed to our ancestors. Count the years of 41 years and my father is 62 years old, so we have occupied this lot for so many years and no trace of communication from the owner. But in 2010, a certain relative of Rita Legarda showed us that she wanted to sell the property for 2 million. We asked for a copy of the country title that she kept after her.

My question is that they have a legal right to sell the property or as far as I know the law, if the tenant has no communication with the owner Visavis, the landlord has given the tenant the right to own the property in question or I could say sorry. How is that true? Are we more likely to own the property? I would just like to add to my previous remark that there were no rent arrears and I had never received a complaint during the 8 years I had lived in the apartment If the tenant is still in the unit 15 days after the expiry of the lease, and no notification was given by both parties in advance, it is implicitly that the contract was renewed , but of a different duration, as defined by the courts. We are a new tenant yard in just 2 weeks my new landlord – I voted for a deposit 1 month 1 month before and when I gave her a good receipt only and advised us to move whenever we wanted (she already gave us the key to the house), while she was preparing for our lease. In the verbal agreement, we first agreed all repairs such as door lock, electrical wiring (switches that don`t work), roof leaks (all over the entire kitchen, living room and bedroom, it`s a total mess) and house paints to deduct it in our monthly rent. We do all the repairs (because the condition of the house is not worth living), but due to its location we decide to know that we can solve it, but after our transfer, when our owner visited the place they look amazed with the changes and after a few days on our 12th day, it serves us with the contract of only six months for them need the space and an additional prepayment of 1 month at our 2 mos deposit, because they recognize that there are normal advance fees and indicated in the contract are not used for monthly rents or is not for an additional 2 months as notice to evacuate the place.