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Subcontractor Health And Safety Agreement

As Sam is self-employed, he is also considered a “worker” by law. This means that he also has a responsibility to exercise due diligence to ensure the health and safety of himself and others in the workplace. Also see what you need to do about health and safety and how you can provide health and safety training and information. If you are a subcontractor who is only on site for a few hours, you still have health and safety tasks. From staff to business managers, safety on the ground is now everyone`s responsibility. Make sure that there is cooperation and coordination between you/your employees and contractors/contractors at all times. In particular, you should: Download Health – Safety Executive (HSE) Contracting Health and Safety Council (PDF, 282K). By talking to the ordermaster and concluding the agreement, Sam helps communicate what he is doing in the security field. By filling out the Hazardous Products and Substances Register and the Location and Employment Risk Registry, he communicates the risks that his work may pose and how he will manage it on the spot. By exposing the proper safety documentation, “it doesn`t just put the boxes,” it systematically follows risk management. This reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings and errors. In the event of an accident or injury, it is also proof that Sam is at the top of safety.

In all relationships between a company known as a customer, and a contractor, both parties will have obligations under health and safety law. When the subcontractor uses subcontractors for part or all of the work, all parties have some responsibility for health and safety. There are concrete cases where clients, subcontractors and subcontractors have been sanctioned for failing to meet their health and safety obligations, for example. B for non-compliance: according to the recent Occupational Health and Safety Act, clients, contractors, primary contractors and subcontractors are all PCBus. Despite its name, a PCBU is not necessarily a person – in most cases, a PCBU is a business entity, such as a business or an organization, but it could also be a person running his own business, such as an individual entrepreneur. A PCBU bears the “primary responsibility for care” to ensure the safety of its workers and all those involved in their work. To ensure the health and safety of contractors or subcontractors, you need to do this: If you`re wondering what you can do about health and safety, our free on-site electronic safety plan is a great place to start. This document contains many specific models you need to get a basic system, including: We also offer the site-specific Safety Planning course that will help you understand risk management and specific safety plans.