Art Direction – Local Choice

Brand and Logo Development for Local Choice, a farm-fresh neighborhood [...]

Art Direction – Local Choice2022-02-03T06:19:23+00:00

Brand Development – TGate

Trade show modular booth designs for TGate. In collaboration with [...]

Brand Development – TGate2022-02-05T06:14:00+00:00

Logo Design – Spectra Payments

Brand Development for Spectra Payments, a global payment processing solution [...]

Logo Design – Spectra Payments2022-02-04T05:11:00+00:00

Store front mural – cargo

Portland's Cargo store front mural for was done in aerosol and [...]

Store front mural – cargo2022-02-05T06:16:23+00:00

UI – Art Director – Citibank

In collaboration with the PCD Group, UI designer for Citbank's [...]

UI – Art Director – Citibank2022-02-03T06:02:47+00:00

UX/UI Prototype – Olivia Travel

Web site redesign prototype for SF based Olivia Travel, the [...]

UX/UI Prototype – Olivia Travel2022-02-05T06:23:34+00:00

Digital Illustration – Adam Levey Photography

Digital illustration and composition in collaboration with Portland based photography [...]

Digital Illustration – Adam Levey Photography2022-02-07T06:29:09+00:00

Art Direction – Boeing

Chockstone's promotional Card Designs for Boeing's on-board internet service Connection [...]

Art Direction – Boeing2022-02-03T06:36:05+00:00


Digital composition, retouching, illustration. Personal holiday party invitation.

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