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Disagreements In The Church

So what can you argue about while remaining members of the same church? The more items you can classify in this category, the easier it is to promote and preserve unity. In the end, our maintenance of the unity of the Church, in the face of diversity itself, testifies to our faith: “One another is therefore as welcome as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God” (Rom 15:7). Despite his loyalty to those who insist on Christian freedom, he insists that “the strong” welcome the other party into the faith and avoid any reprehensible contempt for those they believed to have been wrong in their interpretations of the faith. From Paul`s point of view, communion can and must be maintained in a Church that has important theological differences, because both the “weak” and the “strong” are united in their intention to live “before the Lord” and in their ultimate responsibility to God. Therefore, paul says, we should endure what we perceive as the mistakes of the weak, gently advancing their growth, sometimes swallowing our differences and seeking not our personal interest, but the construction of others (Rom 15:1-2). For the indulgence we practice in a time of disagreement is a reflection of our gratitude for – and an expansion – of the indulgence that God shows us in Christ in the face of our alienation. Dear author, I am an elder of the Church with coordination tasks. We have a WhatsApp group for church leaders. This month, my colleague fought against others who pass on to the group until five leave the group. After reading these 7 ways to resolve a conflict, I am encouraged and decided that I would try to suppress the conflict. Thank you very much. Suppose someone in church has wronged you on purpose.

It can be anything, from gossip or half-truths to you, to something extremely serious, like adultery with your spouse or bullying one of your children. We will first look at how to deal with a non-legal injustice, and then how to deal with it when someone has violated a civil or criminal right. Towards the end of his letter to the Romans, Paul intervenes in an ecclesial debate on the importance of certain religious practices. Some in the Church have persisted in believing that fidelity to Christ must be clearly manifested through respect for certain disciplines, including vegetarianism and probably the celebration of a Sabbath. Others in the Church have argued that faith in Christ frees us from such external scruples. Paul apparently felt that the latter group was fair, as shown by his reference to them as “the strong” and the unscrupulous party as “the weak.” I`ll pass most of that message on to what you should do if another creditor hurts you.