• poof magazine – est 1996

    Initially a published zine with fellow design students in MPLS, MN covering pop culture, music and art. Elmer Bancud's poof magazine is a Portland design studio with this philosophy; design like water. You put water in a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a teapot, it becomes a teapot. Now water can crash, drip, flow…

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    Advertising, Branding, Art Direction, Interactive, Sound Design design, art direction, brand, graphic design, web design, sound design Portland, Oregon, creative director, designer
Interactive Design – nike.net

User Interface graphics for nike.net and RWest agency. In collaboration with developer partner for structure and strategy.

Interactive Design – nike.net

Provided interactive design and development support for Portland, OR based RWest and their client nike.net. Closely worked with Interactive Director and Development team. Redesign of the retailer website. Work includes Interactive Art Direction, UI graphic design, Flash Development, Action Scripting, php support.

Interactive Art Director – Citibank

In collaboration with the PCD Group, UI designer for Citbank’s member website. UI graphics, asset gathering and strategy.

Interactive Design – Rubix

Interactive Art Director, Designer and developer for Rubix’s micro site for its social media campaign. A dynamic experience which includes custom video playback and KickApps social media integration. Work included Art Direction, design, UX design, video editing, action scripting and Flash development.    

UX/UI Prototype – Olivia Travel

Web site redesign prototype for SF based Olivia Travel, the premiere lesbian travel company.

Interactive Art Director – Green Children

Interactive art director and experience designer for recording artist Green Children and Portland Design Lab agency. Project includes Video Editing, Sound editing, Action Scripting, animation and development.

Digital Illustration – Adam Levey Photography

Digital illustration and composition in collaboration with Portland based photography Adam Levey.

Art Direction – Boeing

Chockstone’s promotional Card Designs for Boeing’s on-board internet service Connection by Boeing for Ethiad Airlines, ANA, Singapore Airlines. Collaboration with Boeing’s Creative Director and Marketing group.

Brand Development – Olivia Travel

Brand Development for SF based Olivia Travel, the premiere lesbian travel company. In collaboration with Olivia’s CEO,marketing group and brand agency and the Asterix Group’s Creative Director in developing a rebrand and integrated Sales and Marketing tools. Includes redesigned logo, credit cards designs, email campaigns, web UI and Experience, promo materials and luggage tags.

Sound Design – Art of Catering

Sampled, edited and composed sound loops to be used for Portland based Art of Catering’s web and event use. Sound Edit, Audacity, Groove Maker

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